About Us

There once was a girl who used to sing to the trees. There was a boy who honked a horn in school bands and taught himself guitar. There was another girl who learned piano the hard way. Day after day after day. Then yet another boy who held a toy guitar at five years old and knew his passion.

These four children found each other and Heartstrings the band was born. Easily bored, they constantly learn new skills to make new sounds while refining long held talents. They have shared their fun brand of music with select audiences for over 20 years. Now they share with you. Have fun !

Heartstrings is…….. (in order of their joining the band)…

Donnie Caviness
Producer and arranger, songwriter, vocalist, and musician. He plays the guitar, base, drums, clarinet, saxophone, keyboard, harmonica, and percussion.

Carol Caviness
Vocalist and plays percussion instruments.

Carmela Adams
Songwriter, vocalist, Classically trained pianist. She plays piano, Keyboard, ukulele, and percussion instruments.

Don DiCicco
Songwriter and musician. Don plays guitar, sitar, native American flutes and other flutes from around the world, hammer dulcimer, mandolin, pedal steel, and percussion instruments. He is an accomplished guitarist who can play in every style.